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Advanced donation management for vBulletin 4.x.

Available for Purchase Here
Example Here (registration closed) and the guys at The Army Rumour Service.

• periodic donations
• recurring donations
• multi-events for each installation
• the ability to provide prizes to donors
• a Wall of Fame
• user CP and member profile summaries
• automated multi-level donor groups.

  • Time based donations - DonationsPro will collate donations for varying time periods, depending on the option you choose - monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly. At the end of whichever period you choose, it will automatically move onto the next period.
  • Event based donations - this is an alternative to the existing time-based donation system. Choosing an event overrides time-based - it does not support both simultaneously. It will only operate for one event Campaign at a time, and you must decide when to end any given campaign.
  • Dual mode - having said that, provision has been made so that admins can still run event based campaigns at the same time that their primary mode is time-based donations. e.g. Our Xmas Fund - our main donation mode here is time-based but the simple addition of ?eid=1 pulls in that event campaign. This can be done for as many events as you wish to create by simply linking them in a relevant announcement whether that be via email, forum, news, newsletter etc.
  • Recurring donations option - aligned with the donation duration chosen by admin - this provides you with a defacto subscriptions system when you use the Supporters group on a limited duration basis.
  • Scaling donations option - use a specified annual goal, with periodic targets being progressively re-calculated after deducting progressive donations from that annual goal - can still show progress Monthly, Quarterly, etc.
  • End of period can be varied from normal calendar by entering an offset e.g. 15th of the month.
  • Supporters group - donors can be automatically assigned to a special group of your choice - if donors are not already a member of a group, then they are automatically added.
  • Multi-level Groups - checks the donor's total to date and auto-assigns the donor to a pre-assigned group relevant to their accumulated donations.
  • Membergroup subscriptions - not to be confused with PayPal subscriptions. You can choose to allow that Supporters group membership only for your donation duration i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc. after which their group membership will automatically expire and they will be removed from the group.
  • Prize Draw option - reward supporters with prize draws when duration and/or event is completed, auto-post forum topic with results.
  • Wall of Fame option for donors - adjustable title and numbers per page, option to display donor totals on the Wall.
  • Registry info to maintain transparency - can be viewed by setting individual member group permissions.
  • Donormeter displays progress towards target.
  • Members can view a list and summary of their donations in their User CP.
  • Admins (only) can view the 10 most recent donations in Member profiles.
  • bbcode support for various title and description fields.
  • Option to limit the "Other" amount for donations.
  • Option to limit user donations in a period.
  • Customizable Variable Name can be used to collect input from the donor e.g. Steam ID
  • All transaction details logged.

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