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DonationsPro for SMF
Model: : 1.20
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  • Recurring Donations option - aligned with the donation duration chosen in admin - users can still specify some "Other" amount.
  • Prize Draw option - reward supporters with prize draws when duration and/or event is completed, auto-post forum topic with results.
  • Wall of Fame option for donors - adjustable title and numbers per page, option to display donor totals on the Wall.
  • Scaling Donations option - use a specified annual goal, with periodic targets being progressively re-calculated after deducting progressive donations from that annual goal - can still show progress Monthly, Quarterly, etc.
  • Customizable Variable Name can be used to collect input from the donor e.g. Steam ID
  • End of periods can be varied from normal calendar by entering an offset.
  • Donors added to primary SMF group rather than additional group.
  • Registry info can be viewed by setting individual member group permissions.
  • SSI function allows use of multiple "blocks", by inserting 1 line of PHP code wherever you choose.
  • bbcode support for various title and description fields.
  • Option to limit the "Other" amount for donations.
  • Option to limit user donations in a period.
  • Drop-downs provided in admin donations add/edit for show, status and currency fields.
  • Flash block available to display supporters.

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